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Local Numbers

We showcase our best local vanity phone numbers on this site. $1,000 and up. But we have access to tens of thousands of additional numbers as well, so just ask!

Toll Free Numberss

What we display is a fraction of the toll free vanity phone numbers we have available. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us immediately. We may will be able to find what you are looking for in a lot of cases.

Make It Easy For Your Customers to Remember Your Phone Number!

Our numbers make it easy on your customers. No more trying to remember your number.

Increase the Number of Calls You Get!

Your customers will no longer neglect calling you because they can’t find that piece of paper or email to look up your number. Increase the number of phone calls you get.

Optional Call Forwarding

Want a great vanity number but you aren’t ready to change your number with your carrier? Or maybe you will want to call forward your new number to your existing number over the long haul. Let us know and we’ll sign you up for our simple call forwarding virtual phone plan. Just $20 per month per number. You get the benefit of owning your new number, but having it forwarded to your existing number without tying up a second line with your carrier.

Keep Your Number

Or maybe you want to port your new vanity phone number to your carrier’s network to replace your existing number - BUT, you don’t want to lose your old number. In fact, you’d still like it to receive calls on it. No problem. For just $20 per month per number, we will port your old number or numbers over to our carrier and forward calls to your new vanity number, or any other US or Canadian number. And you still own your old number!


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Very professional and highly recommended!

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Smooth process and polite representative. She made it easy on me.

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Great communication and guidance throughout the transactions. EASY, EASY, EASY!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the number you select?

You do. 100%. Just keep it active your own carrier's service or our call forwarding service, and you will not lose your number - just like the one you have now.

Even if I use you for call forwarding?

Yes, you own your new vanity phone number even if you use our call forwarding service for it.

And what if I cancel?

If you port your number to another carrier, your account with us will automatically be cancelled. You are under no long term contractual obligation with us.

What about sales tax?

Our search, activation and account transfer services are not taxable.

Can I port to any carrier?

Wireless and VOIP carriers have some occasional very minor limitations. Please check with your carrier to confirm that they can port the number you want to their network. Landline carriers have more limitation having to do with something called Rate Centers. Not all phone numbers will work in your part of the area code (with a few exceptions like 212). Contact them to confirm your number will work. And if it won’t, find out what Rate Center your address is in. Then let us get you a short list of numbers that will belong to the same rate center. Regardless, you will not be stuck with a number that doesn’t work. You can exchange it within 30 days of purchase, as long as it has not been ported out.

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